7 Interesting Things to Do in Tasmania

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7 Interesting Things to Do in Tasmania

Part of the Commonwealth of Australia, Tasmania is an island state separated from Australian mainland by the Bass Strait. Tasmania is the 26th largest island in the world and the state encompasses the smaller neighboring islands as well. Nearly 45% of Tasmania is promoted as a Natural state and is home to forest reserves, national parks and a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

During the mid-19th century, Tasmania was settled by the British and was later federated along with the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901. Tasmania experiences a cool climate throughout the year and ranges between 12 degrees to 24 degrees and can go down to 3-4 degrees during winters. It is also home to diverse vegetation which ranges from grasslands, flowery meadows, dry lands, eucalyptus forests, temperate rainforests and alpine heath elands etc.

The fauna inhibited in these areas are also diverse as the terrain featuring rare species like the Tasmanian tiger, Tasmanian devil, Red Foxes, Frogs, and a wide variety of birds. If you have planned a visit to Tasmania, here’re a few things you must do in Tasmania.

1. Visit the Historical Port Arthur


Port Authur is known to be a former Penal settlement and is now famous across the globe for its open-air museum. The prison was abandoned in 1877, and then was converted to a historic tourist center owing to the beauty of the surroundings. The Port Arthur site was inscribed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2010 and is a historical site visited by several tourists across the globe. Being of great importance to Australians, the Port Authur site stands as a testament to how the people of Australia being driven from their motherland, survived the test of time and have established themselves as one of the major world economies.

2. Experience a Night in the Sea


Known for its marvelous maritime adventures, Tasmania has a lot of activities to offer its tourists. From the natural reserves and varied fauna to spending a day of great sailing experience. Hobert Yachts have turned up to be one of the most preferred adventures in Tasmania. The Yachts can be explained as a luxury hotel room with several facilities put inside a 61-feet long boat. Great food and wines along with the remarkable hosting is offered along with the memorable cruise on some of the best exotic locations at Hobert Yachts.

3. Experience Nature at Cradle Mountain National Park


Part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, The Cradle Mountain National Park is located in the central highlands region of Tasmania. The major attractions here are indeed the Table Mountains along with several other mountain peaks and the Lake St. Clair are located in the park. The national park is rich with both flora and the endemic fauna species. The park’s flora is mostly comprised of alpine flora species which is endemic to Tasmania. Animal species like Pandemelons, Wallabies, Quolls, Tasmanian devils, Echinas, Wombats, Raven, Possums and Currawongs etc. can be spotted here along with more than a hundred species of Fungi.

4. Visit Freycinet Peninsula

Visit Freycinet Peninsula

Photo by Anna, CC BY 2.0


Located in eastern Tasmania, the Freycinet Peninsula is known to be the site of the Freycinet National Park which is one of the oldest National parks in Tasmania. The terrain in Freycinet National Park is mostly comprised of a rocky granite covered region with costal grasslands and seaside hillocks that provide some of the most majestic views of the ocean. Several adventure sports including Hang Gliding and Rock Climbing are offered in Freycinet Peninsula. The fauna species found in the Freycinet National Park is also varied and sought after by naturists and wildlife photographers. Brushtail Possum, Swamp rat, Sugar Glider, Eastern Ringtail Possum, Echidna, Wombats, New Holland Mouse, Pygmy Possum, Little Pygmy Possum, Water rat, Tasmanian Bettong and the Long-nosed Potoroo etc. are few of the rare wildlife species that can be spotted here. The view of the Wineglass Bay and the quaint beach walks also attract quite a number of visitors to Freycinet Peninsula.

5. Mt Wellington


Overlooking the city of Hobart, Mt Wellington is a 1,271 meters’ tall mountain located in the South-Eastern region of Tasmania. The mountain is known to be snow covered most of the time and is a great trekking hotspot providing panoramic views of the surrounding regions. The region experiences a sub polar oceanic climate with a chilly weather around most times during the year. There are several small waterfalls that provide a natural rest stop for the trekkers. The rock facets of the mountain are nicknamed as Organ pipes due to their unusual appearance and are a favorite spot for the rock climbers and adventurers.

6. Relax and Shop at the Salamanca Markets


The Salamanca Markets is a famous street market located in the Hobart region of Tasmania. The market was first established in 1972 as suggested by Alderman Clemente. By the following years, it was developed into a fully-fledged market square with several stalls, shops, and cafes that provide a relaxed environment for all the visitors and locals. There are several art shops, craft galleries and eateries located in the markets which make it a great place for the tourists to cool their heels off after roaming around in the Tasmanian outback. The colonial-esque architecture also provides a great heritage value to the market and makes it a must visit location in Tasmania.

7. Experience Wild from a Whole New Angle at Tahune Forest Airwalk


One of the most prized tourist attractions in Tasmania, The Tahune Forest Airwalk is a government owned tourist attraction. Located at the banks of the Houn River in the Houn Valley region, The Tahune Forest Airwalk provides an aerial view of the Southern forest region. The steel structure is suspended in the treetops almost 45 meters high in various places and provides 620 meters long and surrounds an area of 1.6 kilometers. The visitors are provided with transport to the start of the Airwalk for a better convenience.

Tasmania is not just a natural wonder but also provides a great insight in the history of the Commonwealth of Australia. Make sure you visit the abovementioned places and others on your trip to Tasmania.