The Melbourne .NET User Group (or MDNUG) came into being in September 2001 when two developers, John Bristowe and Mitch Denny spoke about the need for an informal user group with a technical focus.

Normal Meetings

MDNUG plans to run informal gatherings once per month where the focus is not on one speaker or subject, but several. In order to do this, the meetings will be somewhat like the Birds of a Feather sessions that are found at IETF meetings with members gathered around whiteboards as equals with markers in hand.

The theory goes that in small groups members will be encouraged to ask questions, present ideas and professionally critique the work of others.

Because of this format, it is hoped that the user group will attact both seasoned developers and those just starting out in an environment where the emphasis is on sharing knowledge and making contacts.

Special Events and Presentations

From time to time, with the support of sponsors, MDNUG plans to host formal presentations by seasoned developers and key industry speakers. Occasionally, there may be some cost associated with these events because of speaker travel costs and appearence fees and (of course) the rental of facilities when those currently available to us are inadequate.

Structure and Organisation

As stated previously, MDNUG is essentially an informal gather of peers, however, from time to time it is necessary for the group to be represented formally.

Currently, MDNUG has two key positions; the President and the Treasurer. The President is John Bristowe and the Treasurer is Mitch Denny. Both John and Mitch will work to ensure that gatherings occur, represent the user group legally and ensure that facilities are functional, other than that, they are just developers like the rest of you.